Nike VR_S Covert Driver

Modellår:  2013

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Features and benefits of the Nike Covert Driver:

  • The world’s first high speed cavity back conforming driver delivers longer and straighter shots.
  • Independently choose your loft and face angle. A simple adjustment fits your club to your swing to maximize distance.
  • Nexcor face technology delivers faster and longer shots across a wider area of the face.
  • Visual philosophy: non-conventional, performance enhancing geometry on the sole. Conventional appearance at address.
  • Performance philosophy: cavity back design redistributes weight into the corners to increase moi in a traditional head shape.
  • Flexloft delivers an intuitive, yet revolutionary adjustment system by “de-coupling” loft from face angle.
  • Due to the lack of availabilty of the original wrenches that came with this driver, we cannot guarantee that a wrench will be provided with this club.

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Nike VR S Covert

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