Golfsko EUR - 43

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Gratis skopåse och sockar med varje par
  • Nytt för 2014: Vinterkängor från Stuburt.
  • 2 gratis gåvor värda £25 med varje par.
  • Herr- och damstorlekar – massor av storlekar.
  • Tolv månaders vattentät garanti
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Size Conversion:
UK 8 = EUR 42
UK 9 = EUR 43
UK 10 = EUR 44.5
UK 11 = EUR 46

Almost every golf course in the country requires you to wear a pair of golf shoes in order to play so make sure you get yours now and avoid disappointment on the day.

The advantage of wearing a pair of golf shoes is that they will provide you with better grip on the soft often damp ground. The cleats (spikes) will dig into the ground and provide a good foundation to the golf swing to ensure that the golfer can keep their balance.

All the golf shoes on Golfbidder are waterproof and are in stock and ready for dispatch. Make sure you pick up a shoe bag before you checkout to keep you shoes in great condition and the boot of your car clean and grass free.

At Golfbidder we’re committed to giving you the complete tee to green service with the products that we offer. As a result we’re giving you the opportunity to buy as much as you like from us in one transaction and you’ll only ever pay the standard £6.99 next day delivery charge!