Cleveland 588 Tour Action Gun Metal Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2007

OHV: 106,53 €

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Cleveland 588 Tour Action Gun Metal Wedge. The unique finish on the gun metal version reduces glare and helps frame the ball at address. The treatment to create this finish is a proprietary process that retains the softness of the inner core while strengthening its exterior. Cleveland Tour Action 588 wedges are the industry benchmark for classic wedges. Made from 8620 soft carbon steel, these Tour-proven wedges have a traditional shape that promotes great feel for incredible touch around the greens. The combination of the large face area, high toe profile and U-grooves in the 588 wedges makes it easy to hit those high, quick stopping shots onto the green. More golfers on. The PGA and other tours continue to trust their Cleveland wedges more than any other.


588 Tour Action Gun Metal Wedge

35,91 €

Cleveland 588 Tour Action Gun Metal

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35,91 €


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