Taylor Made Tour Preferred 2008 Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2009

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New for 2009 Season - The TaylorMade Tour Preferred iron combines the latest technology with classic looks to deliver an easy to hit iron for the mid to low handicapper. Although the Tour Preferred iron isn't the biggest iron to look at, the technology packed into it somehow makes it relatively easy to hit - and when you do connect properly feedback is simply superb.

The thin top line and the short distance from heel to toe that the golfer sees at address hides the Tour Preferred iron's tour configured sole. This works to reduce resistance and digging to allow the club to deliver smoother and purer ball striking. SCIENCE ALERT...The shallow design of the undercut cavity gives the TaylorMade Tour Preferred iron exceptional stability and forgiveness, and a vibration management sound badge contributes to the solid and satisfying sound of impact. Thanks to the use of Taylor Made's Inverted Cone technology the Tour Preferred iron also delivers consistent distance, even on off centre hits, by increasing the area of the clubface that is used to generate high ball speeds.

Unlike lots of 'better-player' irons, the new Taylor Made Tour Preferred irons don't punish the off-centre hit too severely. And along with a far more penetrating flight, what you do lose in forgiveness you certainly more than make up for in feedback and looks.


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