Cleveland CG12 DSG Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2009

OHV: 106,53 €

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For a superior short game, grip the golf ball with this Cleveland CG12 DSG Wedge. Named after its Dynamic Sole Grind design for versatile shot shaping without sacrificing square face performance, Cleveland's CG12 DSG Wedge comes in a wide variety of bounce options to give every golfer the playability they desire while its large Zip Grooves provide superior spin and distance control to get you up on to the green with pin point precision. THE SCIENCE...Cleveland CG12 DSG Wedge Zip Grooves are milled for a larger groove volume Cleveland's Zip Grooves give their CG12 DSG Wedge improved contact with the ball to optimise spin, which makes the club perfect for players seeking superior spin, workability and distance control. Thanks to the innovative shape of the dynamic sole grind, you can still work the ball with high and soft touch shots without sacrificing squared faced performance. Masters of the short game and beginners seeking accurate shot shaping will love the Cleveland CG12 DSG Wedge.


CG12 DSG Wedge

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Cleveland CG12 DSG

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Sand wedge



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