Taylor Made RAC Black TP Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2007

OHV: 100,98 €

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Taylor Made RAC Black TP Wedge. The 100% Milled Y-Cutter Grooves on the Taylor Made RAC Black TP Wedge offer a clean, sharp, consistent groove edge that grip the cover of the ball more effectively. The Y-cutter grooves consistently deliver up to 300 additional RPM than Taylor Made's traditional Dual-Draft grooves, resulting in enhanced bite and control shot-to-shot. Developed on Tour, the RAC Black TP has a tour-configured sole that is ground low on the trailing edge and at the toe and heel. When viewed from above, the trailing edge appears curved, resembling the letter C. This sole configuration allows players to open the clubface around the green to play high, soft chips and pitches. The leading edges of all the RAC TP Wedge Models are radiused, enhancing the player's ability to hit low punch shots without digging. The versatility created by both the low trailing edge and the radiused leading edge make it possible to hit an extraordinarily wide variety of greenside shots with only a single bounce configuration. TaylorMade engineers have enhanced the feel with larger Feel Pockets that efficiently channel unwanted impact vibration to strategic locations in the clubhead, promoting improved feel at impact. The distinctive dark finish, created by a three-step oxidation process, dramatically reduces glare


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