Cleveland CG11 (Low Bounce) Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2007

OHV: 110,89 €

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Cleveland CG11 (Low Bounce). The look of the CG11 at address was inspired by the popular 588 face profile. The back cavity and wide sole design makes the CG11 more forgiving and easy to hit out of green side bunkers. The head is made out CMM which is softer than traditional steels and proprietary to Cleveland Golf. The face and each groove is CNC milled for precision. The Low Bounce option (indicated by one red dot) is an outstanding choice for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions. The combination of less bounce and narrower sole width lowers the leading edge of the blade to promote clean contact on every shot. Perfect for players with a shallow attack angle. Less bounce and narrower sole width make it easier to open the face and hit high, soft landing flop shots.


CG11 (Low Bounce) Wedge

37,38 €

Cleveland CG11 (Low Bounce)

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Lob wedge



37,38 €


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