Callaway Forged + Chrome Wedge

Mallivuosi:  2006

OHV: 109,74 €

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Callaway Forged Wedge. Callaway Golf Forged wedges are forged in a process that takes a bar of very hot, 1020 carbon steel and uses a hammering process to craft the metal into a general shape of the wedge. This raw forging is then ground, polished, milled, stamped and finished into the final product. Callaway forged wedges are handcrafted, one at a time, resulting in greater precision, feel and performance. The Callaway Golf Forged Wedges have a classic look, employing a compact head with a narrow, flat sole. This enables the wedge to easily get through thick rough, get the under the ball in a variety of difficult situations, and pick the ball off tight lies. The slightly smaller head uses a special trailing edge radius that makes this possible


Forged + Chrome Wedge

36,99 €

Callaway Forged + Chrome

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Gap wedge



36,99 €


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