Yonex Nanospeed 3i Driver

Año del modelo:  2010



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Features and Benefits of the Yonex Nanospeed 3i driver:

  • Isometric titanium face and body with ultra-thin carbon graphite crown.
  • Nanospeed 100-W carbon graphite shaft featuring Elastic Ti, Nano Elastomer & CFS.

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Yonex Nanospeed 3i

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Four stars Fácil golpeo

ENRIQUEFISIO    22/01/2017

Buen palo. Poco peso. Buen sonido al golpear. He ganado distancia.

Five stars Great straight driver

DonglesD    08/07/2014

This club gives great confidence and has tamed hooks and slices substantially. 80% good drives versus 30-50% before. I now take the driver out on pretty much all par 4/5's and can also hit this off the fairway consistently straight. It also goes a long way on an easy swing. I would recommend to anyone who wants a safe driver that is long or anyone looking to improve swing and have a club to get through. I considered many drivers before getting this. I will consider for Yonex next time I need new clubs.

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